Video More Powerful Than Ever As Politicians Find New Ways To Tell Their Stories


It’s no secret that the political landscape is as divided as ever. But until recently, at least one thing bridged the ideological gap: boring video ads. Poor production values, boring premises, uncreative (and often hateful) messages permeated the video landscapes every election year.

But that seems to be changing. Today’s candidates (and their creative teams) seem to be willing to push the boundaries more and more on video ads. Realizing that television is not the only place these ads live, many folks are willing to extend their ads to lengths that serve their story, but don’t play nice with network schedules. Others are simply getting really creative with ways to stand out from all the noise of an election cycle.

Without taking any sort of political stance, here are a few of the ads we feel really stand out and show how video can effectively be used in this climate.

MJ Hegar took the internet by storm recently after releasing this very creative and rule bending ad. 

Jason Kander didn’t win his senate race in Missouri, but this ad did help him dramatically outrun the rest of his party.  

Gerald Daugherty and his wife really embraced the comedy in this truly funny ad from 2016. For those curious, Gerald did win re-election. 

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was the true surprise of this recent election cycle in a shocking primary upset against a 20 year incumbent.  This ad does an excellent job of telling her story as well as her unique point of view.

Jason Cooper