Scofield Stories: A New Short Film Series

ss logow white 1.png

The folks here at Scofield Digital Storytelling have pretty diverse sets of skills. Editing, animation, producing, but also parenting, binge watching, and, evidently shade gardening. But the one thing we all have in common is that we all like to tell stories.

A compelling story, beautifully told, is what drew us all to this business in the first place.

Lucky for us, we live in an incredibly vibrant community, and we get to work with some of the most interesting people around. So, we come across plenty of stories that we’d love to share with you.

That’s why we created Scofield Stories. An ongoing series of short films that we’ll release occasionally through our social media channels. There’s no charge, no obligations, no expectations. These are simply stories that we want to tell.

So, please take a second to follow us on your favorite social media channel, help spread the word, and keep your eye out for the premier of Scofield Stories.

Jason Cooper