Video Marketing World Recap

I just got back from the Video Marketing World conference in Dallas and I thought I’d share a few of my top takeaways. These might not all deal with video exactly, but I thought these were all great tips.

“It’s social media. You have to be social.”

Evan Carmichael is great. He’s kind, optimistic, very successful, and full of great advice. But, my biggest takeaway from his uplifting presentation was that, as marketers, we can’t just use social media as a megaphone. We have to participate. This means finding our fans and commenting on their posts. It also means hunting down our prospects and potential partners and engaging with them as well. Evan truly walks the walk of this message too. He has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and yet still has countless examples of how small messages to fans and followers have changed the course of his business.

“Kiss the LinkedIn ring!"

Tactically, the most valuable session of the conference, in my opinion, was a panel discussion of LinkedIn video which was moderated by Nick Mattingly, and featuring Michaela Alexis, Judi Fox, and Brian Wallace. Among other things, this group talked about numerous tips and tricks to worth well with the LinkedIn algorithm and get more shares for your posts. The big takeaways from me were to engage more often, vary the type of content you post, and most importantly, don’t lead your visitors away from the platform.

“Make a connection.”

Perhaps the best video I saw at the conference, politics aside, was presented by Jake Larson during his presentation on YouTube ads and ROI. This video was a great illustration about learning who your audience is, and what they want to hear. It’s also an amazing example of the power of true creativity, as this video was shared again and again increasing sales an incredible amount.


“Take advantage of it being video.”

Tyler Lessard of Vidyard gave a great presentation about B2B Video Marketing but my big takeaway from him was more basic than I expected, but no less powerful. He spoke about the power of video at its true essence. We shouldn’t just make a video version of a blog post  or any other medium. This is video. We need to take advantage of the power of moving pictures, audio, and effects to make the most effective version of our message.

Apart from a very uncomfortable flight, the conference was a great success. I took pages of notes, had great conversations, and saw several great videos. If anyone is interested in learning more about the conference, I believe you can still buy a virtual ticket here and get access to all of the recordings, or, you can buy me a drink and I’ll tell you more of what I learned.

Jason CooperComment