What came first? Our desire to start a newsletter? Or my desire to share this video with as many people as I could? We may never know.

Of course, a newsletter is a great thing for a business like ours. It allows us to share the great work we’ve done for our clients with the rest of our contacts. But, they are often pretty boring too.

So, we’re going to aim for something different.

Rather than just sending out a digest of our work and blogs, we’re going to share a single video that we’ve made that we think is a great example of how video can be used to help you with all of your marketing and advertising efforts.

Now, back to this video.

This video is really something.

The song, “Newsletter” is a great entry point, and quite possibly the excuse for this entire endeavor. But, if you have time (and you should really find the time) you should dive into the whole video here.

Where do we even start?

  • There’s the framework of the video itself; a cable access music showcase in the DC suburbs. But, there is zero evidence of any other episodes other than this one ever existing.

  • There’s the host, Mr. Rock & Roll, who wears a nice suit and a full ski mask but is otherwise unremarkable, except for his sympathy for the band when the fog machine malfunctions.

  • The only thing odd about the backing band is how normal they seem to be.

  • Except of course for Al Breon, a shaggy blonde in a three piece suit, credited simply as playing the “Throat.”

  • Lastly, there is Butch himself. A shaky specimen with glorious blue spandex pants and an even more glorious mullet.

  • And, the boots. Man...those boots.

It probably goes without saying that I’m a bit obsessed with every detail of this video. The performance harkens to other performers like Daniel Johnston and Roky Erickson where the audience is left scratching their heads a bit, wondering what is meant to be taken seriously and what might be purposefully weird performance art. For those of you still interested, I’ve done a fair amount of follow up on Butch and there doesn’t appear to be much evidence for him doing this as any sort of joke. All the available evidence points to him being simply an odd guy with a very, very unique point of view that continues to build a following to this day.

Anyway, you should sign up for our newsletter.

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