Great Video With Only Still Photos

It’s the age old question. Do the pictures have to move for it to be a good video? Right? You’ve discussed this with countless people, I’m sure.

Well, the answer is, of course not. The visuals are only a component of a video. In the same way you can have a great video with no audio, you can have an extremely effective video with limited visuals.

Behold, my favorite recent example:

This has been running a lot for the past six months or so. I love it.

The restraint is remarkable. Black and white photos, black background, no camera moves on the photos, and a beautiful but simple song to guide the viewer through. But the real star of this ad is the concept. This idea, that the tool may be similar but the people who use it and the things they create are varied and vast, is both relatable and aspirational at the same time.

And, I’m sure the marketing and advertising teams weren’t heart broken that they didn’t have a hefty production budget to contend with.

I’d love to work on a similar sort of project if anyone has any ideas for their organization. So reach out to me.

Jason CooperComment