Pinterest: The New Frontier of Social Video

We all know that video is one of the most of effective ways to capitalize on social media marketing. Right? If not, drop us a line and we’ll chat. But where should you be spending your time, money, and effort for the biggest return. Sometimes the answer is as easy as going with whatever is new. The internet is filled with marketing success stories of people and companies that were early adopters of emerging technologies. And video is no different.

The biggest players on YouTube, LinkedIn, and live streaming video are the folks that started using those particular tools very early on. By leading the charge on their particular medium, these folks were able to stand out above their competition, mostly because there wasn’t many people to battle for their audience’s attention. And when it comes to paid advertising on social media, placement is never as cheap as it is early on with any new medium.

We still love YouTube, but it is incredibly popular and therefore a very crowded space to work in now. We’re also pretty bullish on LinkedIn video as more and more business people are using LinkedIn as a primary social media channel. But, where is a marketer to go if they want to get the benefits of early adoption? How about Pinterest?


According to Pinterest, their site is where people go for “ideas on what to do or buy next.” That seems like a pretty fair description based on how I’ve seen the site used. And could you ask for a better description of a potential audience?

Pinterest has been introducing video into their platform over the last couple years but they really seem to be hitting their stride lately. Marketers now have options of where their videos might show up on a user’s feed. They have options on video formats with accompanying price points. And of course, it’s all easily measured with campaign analytics.

I could bore you with statistics proving the value of using this new feature on Pinterest, but to me, the most important thing is that it’s still relatively new. That newness has lead to huge success for others, so I’m anxious to test it for myself.

Are you a marketer that already has a presence on Pinterest, or interested in getting started? Let’s chat about using video to increase your reach.

Jason Cooper