Scofield Stories Episode 4: Oranje - A Bastion of Coolness

Oranje has been one of the premier art and music events in Indianapolis since 2002. Every year, thousands of people gather in a unique space, for one night only, to experience one of the city’s coolest, weirdest, and most fun nights. 

The event is incredibly unique. In fact, it’s so unique that it’s extremely hard to describe exactly what it is. After I was first introduced to Oranje about 11 years ago, I found myself trying to explain to folks what it was and why they should check it out. And I discovered it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

So, when I heard that Ryan Hickey and his crew were planning on last year’s event being the last ever, I figured it was a good opportunity to use video to help explain what Oranje was and what it’s meant to our city over the years.

Many thanks to all of the folks that let us bug them during the production. And a very special thank you to all of the staff, volunteers, artists and musicians that have participated over the years to bring Oranje to life. 

Now, who’s going to step up and start the next event like this in Indy?

Jason CooperComment