Television commercials have been one of Scofield’s anchors since the company was founded. Our commercials have aired nationally and regionally, receiving numerous awards such as American Advertising Awards (Addy) and Clio Awards.  Our staff has expertise with television commercials for clients including McDonald’s, P&G, JCPenney, Gatorade, Steak 'n Shake, and more.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos (simple, animated videos explaining a product or service) are a must-have for any company, large or small. Visitors to a company’s website or Facebook page immediately look for a video to explain who you are and what you do.

Scofield has produced effective explainer videos for clients like Nationwide Financial, M-Accounting, Butler University and Indiana Forest Alliance.  Regardless of the size of the company, we write, design, animate and provide VO for these fun and informative videos.


Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos have come a long way since they were known as “industrials” back in the day. As the public got used to high production value in all aspects of the video they consume, Corporate Videos really had to up their game. Scofield was at the forefront in giving our corporate video clients the same techniques that we use in our television commercials: high end video production with 4k cinematic cameras, industry leading video editors and producers with highly developed digital storytelling aesthetics and “how’d they do that” visual effects to wow and entertain the viewers. Also,we create slick and descriptive motion graphics to convey information and brand identity, animation to add a sense of whimsy, and photo-real 3D animation of products that aren’t even on the market yet!


Social Videos

Social Video blends video and animation with social media and digital marketing – resulting in off the charts engagement from your customers.

Whether you need your company’s story effectively conveyed on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn…or on your website or other digital marketing, our Apprise Social Video package delivers a number of videos that can be used throughout the year.


Testimonial Videos

Today’s audiences crave authenticity, and there are few better approaches to authentic messaging than a testimonial video produced by Scofield. Our filmmakers have years of high-level experience helping to develop a strategy and structure of the testimonial video, engaging with the customers, executives, employees, or other testimonial subjects, and then further shaping the story and message in the edit suite during post-production.

We’ve also found that if produced correctly, multiple pieces can be derived from a single testimonial shoot, like television commercials, corporate videos, social media content and more, allowing for greater budget efficiency during a project or campaign. Talk to Scofield’s producers today about the best approach for your testimonial video.

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