Live-Action Video Production

Film and video creates a sense of authenticity. The producers, directors, and cinematographers (DPs) at Scofield know how they can make that happen for your project.

We can help you through a myriad of video production choices and approaches. From Product Demonstrations, to Corporate Communications, Web Content to High-End Television Commercials, the staff at Scofield has experience and cutting-edge knowledge of all facets of live-action video production today.


Video Editing

It’s been said that timing is everything. As editors, we at Scofield appreciate this more than anything. We recognize and agonize over how 1/24th of a second can make a comedic TV spot seriously humorless. Or, how a few frames in a corporate video can capture the company’s mission statement or a CEO’s vision. It’s our mantra that seamless, intuitive editing is the music before the music. Harmony must exist among the visual elements first. Our life’s work is devoted to turning images into stories.

In essence, that's our story. It can be done in our studios or right in your office remotely. We turn negatives into positives every day.

Editing background.jpg

Motion Graphics

Our team of award-winning producers, motion graphics artists, and animation directors provide a wide range of design and animation styles. We can help you develop the right approach for your project, resulting in an eye-catching, memorable, and entertaining commercial or video.

We also can work with your existing graphics or video assets that may need a fresh look and feel to wow your audience to help with the bottom line.

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